How do you know if a potential REALTOR® is right for you?


Communication is key when it comes to finding success in working with your REALTOR®.


An experienced and passionate REALTOR® will respond promptly, answer all questions with detail, and ease your concerns. There really are no "off hours" especially as we get closer to confirming your dream home.


Here are 3 questions to ask up front when finding a REALTOR®:


1. What is their availability like?


Meaning, will they be available in the evening if questions come up, or available on weekends to show you homes? Will they respond quickly and provide a customized service, or are they fully booked with other clients?


2. How will they communicate with you?


Do they prefer text messages, email, or direct phone calls? Does their preferred mode of conversation align with yours? Are they open to your preferred method?


3. What’s their cancellation policy?


Situations may arise where a buyer or seller wants to part ways with their REALTOR® - ensure you fully understand any agreements that you sign, as well as their cancellation policy.


Any questions about finding the perfect REALTOR® for you? Contact us - no obligations - we’re always happy to chat.